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Rayanna American Unknown
Rayanne American Unknown
Raylene Hebrew Ewe
Rayna Latin Queen
Rayne Unknown Unknown
Rea Greek Man, warrior; manly
Reann Welsh Nymph
Reanna Welsh Nymph
Reanne Welsh Nymph
Reatha Unknown Unknown
Reba Hebrew To tie
Rebeca Unknown Unknown
Rebecca Hebrew To tie
Rebekah Unknown Unknown
Rebekka Hebrew To tie
Reena Latin Reborn
Reenie Latin Reborn
Reet Finnish Pearl
Regena Unknown Unknown
Regenia Unknown Unknown
Regina Latin Queen
Reina Yiddish Pure; clean
Reine French Queen
Reisha American Unknown
Rella Hebrew Ewe
Rena Latin Reborn
Renada Unknown Unknown
Renae Latin Reborn
Renata Latin Reborn
Renea Latin Reborn
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